The Society was formed in 1983 in Sutton, Surrey UK, as a registered charity (No. 287645), for the purpose of gathering information, teaching and other material, so as to the preserve the ancient system of melody of Anatolia, which had almost died out. This was combined with learning the ancient philosophy associated with the melodic system. The original name of the Society was “The Traditional Turkish Art Music Society of Great Britain”. Later, practice and preservation of the Mevlevi Sema (whirling ceremony) was added to the Society's aims.

Members have traveled to Istanbul and other places in Anatolia every year since 1979. After many years, with the help of the best teachers in the oral tradition of Anatolia, members have been able to assimilate and practice the combination of the philosophy and the melody in their traditional form along with the true practice of the Mevlevi Sema. (see Dr. Prosser quote 6)

Earlier, in the 1960’s, some members had begun to assimilate the knowledge and practice of the ancient philosophy of India.  This has subsequently been augmented by oral teaching from a number of enlightened souls of the ancient oral tradition. Practice and study have continued and deepened for many years.  The value of this has also been added to the aims of the Society.

Results of research made by the Society since 1985 has enabled us to make clear links between the teaching of ancient Vedanta, the system of teaching set up by Pythagoras and that of the Sufis of Anatolia and Northern Persia (Pythagorean Sufis).  The combination of the above practices is seen as the true ancient path which combines philosophy, melody and dance in an expression of supreme devotion to the Divine. This was begun by Shri Krishna, revived by Pythagoras and re-established in Konya, Anatolia by the family of Mevlana Jalal Ud Din Rumi.

The result of the above wealth of knowledge and practice was presented, through a system of accreditation of prior learning, to Middlesex University in London UK, wherein the above synthesis of ancient knowledge and practice has been verified. After complying with the project and rigorous verification processes and the production of a comprehensive book on the subject, a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Music was awarded to a Society member. (“books”)

The knowledge of how the above path to the Divine has survived 5,000 years into the present century is clearly laid out in the book “The Music of Rumi” which will be publish in 2012.