“Around 2,500 years ago a Greek born genius re-established the system of this ancient music.  His name was Pythagoras.  This man traveled from his home country, near modern Izmir in Anatolian Turkey, to Egypt, India, Iran and Iraq.  He studied for many years in the Egyptian temples and with the Brahmins of India, the Zoroastrians, Chaldeans and Phoenicians.  He established a fresh philo-sophical approach to human life and influenced education, religion and politics with his profound thought.  The writings of those who followed him have passed into the way of life of most Arabian speaking peoples, the Greeks, the Romans, the early Christians, the Byzantines, the Muslims and as close to our time as the Italian renaissance.  We live every day the heritage which he gave to mankind with little recognition of it.”

(Dr. Prosser, The Music of Rumi - preview)

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