“To be able to write this book I have used three sources in connection with the acquisi-tion of knowledge, which are:-  firstly - reading from sources of knowledge and secondly - putting this into practice to gain experience, combined with -  thirdly - the knowledge guided and reinforced by contact with a person who has lived the subject for many years and has become an authority (teacher) of the subject.”

“I will on occasions refer to the above ancient method as the application of ‘The three prim-ary sources of truth’.  When applied truthfully they lead to the faculty of understanding, which in turn leads to wisdom.  These last two are not transferable from one person to another, as they are the acquisition of the individual effort to make the subject of practical value in the life of that person.”

“The knowledge which I have thus acquired using the three sources described, will form the content of this book.”

(Dr. Prosser, The Music of Rumi - preview)
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