“As there is no basic understanding of this concept in Europe, I need to explain here what is meant by ‘level of being’ as far as I have discovered.  Interest or concern for a persons level of being is generally not an important matter in normal day to day affairs.  However if a person is interested in making progress in matters to which this book is addressed then level of being is important to understand.

The ‘level of being’ idea cannot be easily expressed due to the very nature of what it is.  However, let us assume a person has begun to seek progress as aforementioned and we liken the description of that progress to the process of a team of climbers. Their task is to make an attempt to get to the summit of a mountain where the route is full of problems of one kind or another.

We need to also imagine that the team of climbers is made from experts, beginners and those in between these two stages and that they are spread out from the lowest part of the climb to the highest. The experts have made the climb many times before and would be placed higher up the mountain in our analogy.  The more advanced level of being could be described as, having the position of seeing clearly the situation of those at an earlier stage of the climb and understanding the problems and obstacles which the less advanced climber is facing.  Having already overcome these difficulties he would be in a position to give directions in how to deal with them. The less experienced climber would not really know what it was like to be an expert climber and would be dependent on the expert to be able to make progress on the climb.  Only by having found a way in himself, with advice from the one at the higher level, could the beginner gradually come to know what it meant to be an expert climber.

The above analogy is deficient due to the fact that it conveys a sense of one person having perhaps greater ability than another.  This is not really the case, so we need to combine the idea already expressed with the situation of children at different age groups in their education process.  Those in the more advanced years are not really better or brighter that the ones in earlier years.  Yet they are able to do more advanced things.  The difference is only that they have had more advanced education over a period of time.  Some of the younger ones may eventually excel the accomplishments of the older ones. It is only a matter of time and application to the lessons.

Also we can understand that it would not be helpful to try and explain more advanced processes to the younger ones until they had properly learned the earlier processes.  For example, it is no use trying to explain algebra or logarithms to a child who has not yet learned to deal with the addition and multiplication of normal arithmetic.

So different levels of being can be partly understood by combining the above two ideas of different stages of development.  In addition we should add that in matters connected with this book, a higher level of being would mean an increase in love and consideration for others and in the development of humanitarian sentiments.  This also means gradual understanding of how selfishness is very subtle and to make concerted attempts to eliminate it entirely.  At least one more thing would improve as the level of being became higher, which is the awareness of the person or being much more mentally awake.

When I began to think about this concept of levels of being connected with actions or work, it helped me to understand that there may be many different types of art, since they may be the product of a different level of being of the artist.”

 (Dr. Prosser, The Music of Rumi - preview)
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